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Appella's AI Receptionist

How Appella uses Conversational AI to protect your business
Enhancing Security
Protect your business from potential scams and data breaches with a Voice Assistant that intelligently screens and filters out suspicious calls.
Boosting Efficiency
Streamline workflows and conserve valuable resources by allowing your team to only focus on meaningful tasks and client interactions.
Satisfying Customers
Minimise wait times and improve your customer experience by effectively managing and prioritising the calls you actually want.

How an AI Receptionist can benefit your business

AI powered call management

Replace your outdated IVR system and benefit from intelligent call routing, spam filtering and instant insights 24/7.

Advanced fraud prevention

Shield your business from the increasing threat of scams, bots and voice cloning with your own AI defence.

Microsoft Teams integration

Integrate directly with Teams and enjoy real-time call transcriptions, insights and analytics.

Save time and money

Reduce operational expenses, cut fraud-related losses and enhance your bottom line by focusing on calls that matter.

Tailored for your business

Shape the AI to reflect your brand with customisable voice, routing, filtering and queries according to your business needs.

Enhanced customer experience

Speed up query resolution, minimise call queue wait times and ensure calls are directed to the appropriate agent.

More products coming soon

Dive into the new era of conversations powered by Appella AI

Real time STT

Elevate your telecommunication experience with seamless real-time speech-to-text integrations, ensuring clarity and precision in every conversation.

Conversational AI

Unleash the power of intelligent communication with Appella's upcoming Conversational AI, designed for healthcare.

Conversational AI for Public Sector

Transform public sector helplines and customer service with Conversational AI.

Bespoke Conversational AI

Partner with us for custom conversational AI solutions that are tailored specifically to your unique requirements.

Our mission

To develop ethical and responsible AI conversational tools to improve the quality and utility of human-human and human-machine conversation.

Through AI and real-time analytics, we strive to make every interaction more insightful, actionable, and valuable.