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Ready to transform customer experience with Conversational AI?

Boost productivity, enhance customer experience, and save money with AI Voice Assistants.

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Meet Appella™ your enterprise ready voice assistant

Streamline operations, improve service quality, and access better data insights with Conversational AI.

Resolve customer enquiries

Enable your customers to get answers and solve problems in real-time through a natural, conversational voice experience.

Immediate ROI

Streamline operations, reduce costs, and generate additional revenue, maximising your ROI when deploying a voice assistant.

Actionable Data insights

Gain valuable insights from customer interactions with real-time transcripts, sentiment analysis, and deep analytics to drive business growth.

Choose your skills...

Equip your voice assistants with a range of different skills and only pay for the skills you choose.

Call Routing

Appella AI directs calls to the appropriate department or individual, ensuring efficient and effective communication.

FAQ answering

Automatically address frequently asked questions, providing instant and accurate responses to common customer inquiries.

Appointment scheduling

Let Appella AI schedule appointments directly into your calendar based on real-time availability, streamlining your scheduling process.

Scam blocking

Protect your business by automatically detecting and blocking fraudulent calls with Appella AI's advanced scam protection.

CRM integration

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM system to ensure all customer interactions are efficiently recorded and utilized.

Real-time transcriptions

Get automatic transcriptions of all calls in real-time, providing valuable insights and records for compliance and quality assurance.

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What makes us different?

Responsible Conversational AI

Fully customisable

Your model, your data

See Appella™ in action

No matter your industry, Appella™ can increase productivity, improve business outcomes and save you money

Artificial Intelligence done right.

Your model, your data

Appella AI leverages open-source technology and our patent-pending infrastructure to provide each business with a personal Voice Assistant, ensuring your data remains private and secure without external API calls to Generative models that use your data.

Zero hallucinations

At Appella AI we have a zero hallucination policy, where our AI only communicates information you have provided, ensuring your AI Assistant remains accurate, reliable and aligned to your business.

End-to-end security

Your data security is very important to us, which is why Appella AI ensures your information is fully protected at all stages with end-to-end encryption in transit and at rest.

100+ integrations

Connect your tools, connect your teams. With over 100 apps already available in our directory, your team’s favourite tools are just a click away.
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Find out how Conversational AI can boost productivity, enhance customer experience and improve business outcomes.
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