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Call Routing

Appella AI directs calls to the appropriate department or individual, ensuring efficient and effective communication.

FAQ Answering

Automatically address frequently asked questions, providing instant and accurate responses to common customer inquiries.

Appointment scheduling

Let Appella AI schedule appointments directly into your calendar based on real-time availability, streamlining your scheduling process.

Scam blocking

Protect your business by automatically detecting and blocking fraudulent calls with Appella AI's advanced scam protection.

CRM integration

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM system to ensure all customer interactions are efficiently recorded and utilized.

Real-Time transcriptions

Get automatic transcriptions of all calls in real-time, providing valuable insights and records for compliance and quality assurance.

Form filling

Simplify data entry by automating form filling during calls, saving time and reducing errors.

Generative AI for analytics

Leverage generative AI to extract deeper insights from your call data, supporting strategic business decisions.

Spam filtering

Filter out unwanted spam calls to keep your phone lines clear and focused on important interactions.

Compliance recording

Ensure compliance and quality control with automatic recording of all calls, securely stored for future reference.

Sentiment analysis

Analyze the tone and sentiment of callers to enhance your ability to respond appropriately and tailor communications effectively.

Inbound call management

Manage inbound calls efficiently, directing them to the right resources and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Outbound calling

Handle outbound calls for following up with leads, engaging existing clients, chasing payments, and booking demonstrations.

Lead qualification

Qualify leads automatically during calls, identifying high-potential prospects and streamlining your sales process.


Summarize key points from caller interactions, providing an overview that helps streamline decision-making and improve response times.

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