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About us

Appella AI is a UK technology company developing AI conversational tools for the cybersecurity, customer service, and healthcare sectors.

The company has built proprietary technology using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to analyse voice and text-based communications in real time with high accuracy and low latency. Our technology is patent protected.  We are a young and dynamic team based in London, UK, that combines experience in software development, AI research, and business.
Appella AI’s mission is to develop ethical and responsible AI conversational tools to improve the quality and utility of human-human and human-machine conversation.  

Our first product is a Conversational AI Assistant that analyses, filters and manages inbound calls to ensure your business only gets the calls you want. Add Appella's AI Assistant to your business phone system to improve call routing, reduce wait times and free your staff from the scourge of spam and scam calls. Streamline operations, improve customer service, and protect your business with Appella AI. 

We sell access and enable businesses to add our conversational tools to their enterprise and allow them to harness the power of advanced AI seamlessly, making every interaction more insightful, actionable and valuable.

We have focused initially on providing our technology for scam detection and prevention and are currently developing collaborations with customers in the banking and telecoms sectors.

Additionally, Appella AI is exploring the application of its conversation analysis technology in the sales, customer service, and healthcare sectors. Please contact us to explore how we can help you get the most from your conversations!

Meet the team

James Drayson BSc MSc
CEO & Co-Founder
A graduate of UCLA and Imperial College, committed to building AI for good. Enjoys strategy games, martial-arts, and has a cat called Maximus.
George Drayson MEng
Chief AI Officer & Co-Founder
Graduate of the University of Oxford and Makers Academy. Currently studying for a PhD in NLP and AI at UCL. Loves surfing and motor racing.
Sujith Aleshwaram BTech MSc
CTO & Co-Founder
Graduate of Queen Mary and GITAM University with extensive experience in AI, CloudOps, and MLOps. Former team lead with a passion for innovation and cricket.
Anupam Gupta BSc
Software Engineer
PhD Scholar in Machine Learning at IIT Kharagpur, Bachelors in Computer Science from University of Washington. Former Software Engineer at AWS. Loves gardening.
Lord (Paul) Drayson BSc PhD FREng
Engineer and science entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in founding and leading successful businesses in life sciences, AI, motorsport R&D, and FMCG.
Dr Marek Rei BSc MPhil PhD
Technical Advisor
Lecturer in ML and NLP at Imperial-College, Co-Founder and CSO at Transformative AI, PhD Cambridge.
Alex Wood
The ultimate poacher-turned-gamekeeper, Alex used to commit huge cyber frauds but now advises global financial institutions, Governments and law enforcement organisations about counter fraud strategy.

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